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Our products are not certified organic. While we are pesticide-free, GMO-free, and grow in the most natural way possible, our products are not USDA certified organic. 


Take home the same high-end produce the best chefs in Birmingham are using! Check out our retail brand, Southern Fresh Produce, in your local retailers today!

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both salad dressings lettuce raft.JPG

Judy T's

Handcrafted Salad Dressings

No processed sugars, no xantham gum, nothing you can't pronounce. Just healthy, delicious dressing. Now available are Judy T's first 2 creations: Balsamic and Great Green Dressing. 

sfp magic city mix 2.jpg

Magic City

Mix - Supergreens

Desire even more health benefits? Meet our super-green salad mix! Our Magic City Mix contains our versatile baby spring mix, two varieties of baby kale,  baby arugula and baby red veined sorrel leaves. Perfect with a light vinaigrette, this salad mixture makes eating healthy both simple and delicious! 

SFP Turmeric up close.jpg


Sometimes original is best. Our Polynesian turmeric is the same healthy variety the locals there have used for thousands of years. A traditional method was to mix turmeric root with hot water, which was then strained and squeezed to produce a juice that was administered to relieve diabetes and coughs. Use our healthy, locally turmeric in cooking, smoothies, juices, etc. 

YMX 6-15 Open.jpg

Yellow Hammer


Feeling tropical? These biquinho peppers originate all the way from the Amazon. Nicknamed "little beak peppers" for their resemblance to the shape of a bird's beak, they will add a nice pop to any salad. Though not technically sweet, these peppers possess hardly any heat and add a nice refreshing crunch.

Sweet Home Mix.jpg

Sweet Home


Searching for a nutty flavor? The sweet home mix combines our baby spring mix with leaves from the Katuk plant. The leaves are packed with vitamin K and provide a nutty flavor to your healthy salad. 

SFP Southern Crisp Website_edited.jpg

Southern Crisp

Living Lettuce

Our most popular lettuce variety, Southern Crisp is a butter crunch / Bibb hybrid with crunchy leaves and a buttery center. Perfect for salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps - It really is the swiss army knife of lettuces. Simply ensure root cube is moist to the touch and your lettuce will stay fresh and living for up to 3 weeks!

S.O Retail_edited.jpg

Magic City Mix

+ Wasabi - Supergreens

Let's kick things up a notch! Our Magic City + Wasabi salad mix is identical to our supergreen Magic City Mix, the only difference is we have substituted the baby arugula for baby wasabi arugula. While still getting all of the health benefits as before, this mix provides a nice and subtle wasabi-flavor spice that has developed a cult-following in our retail outlets. 

SFP Red Oak Website_edited.jpg

Red Oak Leaf

Living Lettuce

Want to brighten that salad up with some beautiful red color? Our Red Oak Leaf lettuce provides a wonderful, delicate flavor to any mixture of greens. 

Selected in part for of its compact and dense crown, our Red Oak Leaf variety will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks as long as its root cube stays moist. 

BBC Clamshell.jpg

Baby Butter

Crunch Lettuce

These delicate, butter lettuce heads are designed to make salads extremely easy; just cut the root-cube off and your left with a fresh, instant salad! This clamshell will lock in moisture and allow for the lettuce to stay fresh for up to 3 weeks! 

Southern Crunch Mix .jpg


Crunch Mix

Looking for an extra crunch in your salad? The Southern Crunch mix combines our healthy, crunch romaine with our baby spring mix to provide the best of both worlds!

SFP Baby spring mix website.jpg

Baby Spring


Tired of opening spring mix you just bought only to find it is already turning bad? No more! Since our baby lettuces are locally grown, packaged the same day as delivery and grown using the highest quality control, our nutritious baby spring will stay fresh for up to 2.5 weeks!

SFP live basil best.jpg

Live Italian


While fresh basil is known for its pungent smell and delicious flavor, it is also known for how quickly it goes bad. Well not with Southern Organics. Our genovese and Italian basil plants are harvested, packaged and delivered the same day to ensure they are as fresh as possible for customers in our stores. Simply keep the root-cube submerged in water half-way, place the plant on your windowsill, and enjoy fresh basil for well over a week!  

SFP Sandwich lettuce 2.jpg



Always on the go and struggling to find time to prepare fresh lettuce? Easy! Just pick up a container of our Sandwich Lettuce and the work is already done for you. Perfect to place onto a sandwich, burger or use as a wrap, convenience finally meets high-quality. 

SFP basil close up.jpg

Fresh Cut


Love basil and the convenience of it already being cut, but tired of it going bad before you can even use it? Easy, buy local! Our Italian basil has incredible fragrances and flavors ideal for seasonings, salads, pesto and garnishes. 

Flower Power Nasturtiums.jpg

Flower Power


Our flowers aren't just for decoration, they are delicious too! The Flower Power mix combines our baby spring mix base with a variety of edible flowers to bring a vibrant, flavor-filled addition to your plate. 

Our Retailers

Where to Buy

Where to Buy
Piggly Wiggly Homewood AL.jpg

Piggly Wiggly


A favorite stop for locals to pick up the most fresh and local items around, this Piggly Wiggly is located in Homewood and is owned and operated by the one and only Stanley Virciglio. Mr. Virciglio maintains a close relationship with all of his patrons and takes customer to an entirely different level.  

Piggly Wiggly Crestline.jpg

Piggly Wiggly


Located in the beautiful Crestline area of Mountain Brook, this vibrant grocery store is extremely popular with the locals. From a wide variety of local products to the freshest produce and food items around, be sure to stop by and tell Randy in produce we sent you!

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 11.18.14

Local Source

Local Source is a farmer's market inspired grocery store located on 15th Ave. South in Birmingham. They receive deliveries all week long of the most fresh products from local farmers. Available for delivery, Local Source is a must for anyone looking for high quality, healthy and local food.

Piggly Wiggly Mount Laurel.png

Piggly Wiggly

Mount Laurel

The newest addition to the Piggly Wiggly family, this Mount Laurel store is brand new and was deisigned to be the premier grocer in the Mount Laurel area. Go take a look at their large, fresh array of healthy products and bring home some fresh Southern Fresh Produce to enjoy.

Piggly Wiggly River Run_edited.jpg

Piggly Wiggly

River Run

Located in Vestavia, this grocery store is an absolute gem for those living in the River Run area near Liberty Park. Swing by and visit their large selection of fresh local offerings, simply look for Southern Fresh Produce to find our healthy, fresh from the farm crops 

till photo.jpg


At till, we till through Alabama’s top farmers and allow you to shop their selection online year-round. We then deliver your order directly to your door or provide convenient, local pick up. Because local should be easier.” Shop online today at

Piggly Wiggly Clairmont.jpg

Piggly Wiggly


Located on Clairmont Avenue in Birmingham, this store provides a much needed source of healthy foods to the local area. Simply look for our vibrant living lettuces and our fresh salad mixes in the produce section to bring healthy produce straight from the farm to your table.

Piggly Wiggly Bluff Park.jpg

Piggly Wiggly

Bluff Park

Tucked away in the tight-knit Bluff Park area, this personable store is a great source for local, healthy foods to those living in the community. Swing by today and bring home some nutritious, fresh and delicious produce. 



Located in the heart of Mountain Brook, this brand new store is our newest customer. Swing by today for fresh veggies, meats, wine or anything else you need today!

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