Judy T's

Hand-crafted, small-batch salad dressings

You asked for it, you got it! For years, Judy T has made dressings to demo our salad mixes and each time customers asked if they could buy some. And now the answer is yes! Judy T's homemade dressings provide  classic, robust flavors with only the most natural ingredients.


No processed sugars, no xantham gum, nothing you can't pronounce. Just healthy, delicious dressing.   

Judy T's  hand crafted, small batch dressings are made with 3 key beliefs:

  1. Premium quality: We use extra virgin olive oil for the health benefits while most commercial dressings use cheaper canola/rapeseed oils. 

  2. Farm fresh ingredients:1 or more ingredients are grown on our farm.

  3. No preservatives, no chemical flavorings or other additives.  Just top quality natural flavors.

Now available are Judy T's first 2 creations: Balsamic and Great Green Dressing. More are in the works so be sure to let us know your favorite flavors!

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Judy T's

Balsamic Dressing

It's just a better balsamic. Most salad dressings on the market are thin, watered down and end up falling off of your salad into a pool on your plate. Not with Judy T's. This balsamic dressing boasts greater consistency due to healthy, all-natural ingredients. 


Judy T's balsamic dressing blends well with salads while providing a flavorful zing. And don't stop with lettuce! Be sure to try Judy T's balsamic on salmon for a unique, healthy culinary experience.

Judy T's Great

Green Dressing

Wow! That is the first word out of most peoples' mouths once they try this dressing. Judy T's Great Green Dressing is zesty and tangy with subtle hints of spice. These flavors are achieved by Judy T's incorporation of unique, healthy ingredients like our locally grown culantro. 

Judy T's Great Green Dressing will brighten up any salad but don't stop there! One of our favorite adaptations is putting this dressing on fish tacos. 

Judy T's Turmeric Mustard

Judy T's

Turmeric Mustard

Judy's boyfriend is a mustard connoisseur...every store they go into, he has to check out the mustard section and always seems disappointed. If the mustard claimed that it was "hot"...it wasn't. He said that Judy T's as the best mustard he's ever had. 

It's got the vinegar kick of a dijon, grain texture of a whole grain mustard, and spice of a hot mustard. 

You'll love it on everything - sausages, hot dogs, roast beef, corn dogs, sandwiches, charcuterie boards, potato salad, and more!

Judy T's Turmeric Mustard is made using the Polynesian Turmeric grown at Southern Organics - it's great tasting and great for you!

 How To Buy Judy T's

Judy T's homemade Balsamic Dressing and Great Green Dressing are now both available for purchase at the following retailers:

Piggly Wiggly Crestline Village

Piggly Wiggly Clairmont

Piggly Wiggly Mt. Laurel - Dunnavant

Piggly Wiggly Bluff Park

Piggly Wiggly River Run

Harvest Market - Downtown

Lee Branch Farmers' Market

Till - www.UseTill.com


Available for online purchase soon!