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  • How do I order?
    To check availability and place orders, text us at 205-209-3535 or send us a message via our website . We deliver every Tuesday and Friday, 3 item minimum for delivery. If you would like to pickup your order from the farm, you may do so Monday - Friday from 8am - 1pm.
  • How are your microgreens delivered?
    We deliver all of our microgreens the way they were grown, in 10" x 20" flats. Due to this method, you are able to cut just the right amount of microgreens you need all week long while the remainder of the flat stays alive and fresh until needed. When companies cut microgreens and package them in plastic or other materials, the microgreens begin losing their shelf-life immediately. Our whole-flat method allows you to keep our high-quality microgreens for a longer period of time without worrying about them wilting, drying out or experiencing other quality issues.
  • How long will your microgreens stay fresh? Do I need to do anything special?
    Thanks to our local footprint and focus on high-quality produce, our microgreens will last for up to 1 week once delivered. For basil and amaranth microgreens, keep them unrefrigerated in an environment between 50 - 70 degrees F. For all other microgreen varieties, we recommend refrigerating between 33 - 38 degrees F.
  • When will your greenhouses be back open?
    Short answer - we don't know. We have been growing for over 8 years and the time has come where significant infrastructure improvements are needed. It will likely be 2023 before we have a more concrete time-line for future greenhouse operations. In the meantime, we will continue growing microgreens in our climate-controlled seedling room.
  • Do you use any pesticides? How do you prevent pests from your crops?
    No, we do not use any pesticides on our crops. We combat pests the natural way, by using good bugs! Our beneficial insects are sure to take care of any pests that manage to make it inside our climate-controlled and biosecure greenhouses.
  • Are your crops certified Organic?
    No. When we started growing in 2014, all of the protocols we used qualified for the USDA Organic certification. Unfortunately, the rules changed in 2015 and continue to be in flux so while we don't use chemical pesticides, insecticides or other nasty chemicals and follow the 2014 USDA's organic protocols, the rules for certifying aquaponics & hydroponics still seems to be in debate. Our expansion plans include more tradition organic farming methods which we look forward to having certified organic. In the meantime, we will continue to grow healthy, delicious, chemical-free crops and provide them locally to fellow heath-concious individiuals and their families.
  • Is your produce fresh?
    Absoloutly! Unless you have a climate controlled growing environment in your backyard, this is the freshest produce you can find. You can taste the difference in local crops harvested hours before delivery vs. days, weeks or even months before. Not only is the taste much better with fresh produce, but it is much healthier for you too. Have you ever wondered what type of chemicals get sprayed on conventional crops so they are able to survive the hundreds or thousands of miles journey across the country / globe before they get to your plate? ehh...we'll stick with local produce
  • How often do you deliver your produce to restaurants?
    We deliver our premium microgreens 2 days per week, every Tuesday and Friday. Simply text us at 205-209-3535 or contact us via this website to schedule a delivery or to receive a sample.
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