Inaugural Crops Coming in 2014


Tilapia on dock, photo credit: Michael Hayes via Flickr

Tilapia is a freshwater fish originating from Africa that has seen its popularity surge in recent years amongst commercial fishing industries and in the US seafood market.

Over 95% of tilapia is imported in the United States each year with over 80% coming from Asia. Due to lenient regulations and a focus on increasing profits, farmers often have ponds contaminated with livestock waste, antibiotics and harmful banned chemicals.

Our fish are raised in a climate-controlled environment that utilizes triple filtered well water and advanced monitoring systems to ensure quality and safety to our customers. With less than 2% of imported seafood in the US being inspected by the FDA each year, it feels good to have a local alternative you can trust is hormone, antibiotic and chemical free.


Organic vegetables in store, photo credit: Roberto Verzo via Flickr

US consumers are beginning to demand a wider variety of fresh vegetables at all times of the year, not just during the traditional harvesting months. This has driven the amount of vegetables imported from $1 billion in the 1990s to over $10 billon today.

Most vegetables available in grocery stores have been conventionally grown and have been treated with countless pesticides, insecticides and other harmful substances to ward off agricultural diseases.

Our vegetables are grown in a climate-controlled greenhouse and since they do not need soil to grow like conventional agriculture, there are no fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemicals needed. All of our vegetables are locally produced, certified organic and can be grown 365 days of the year.

About Southern Organics

Southern Organics specializes in sustainable organic farming by combining the Hydroponic and Aquaculture industries. Located on 22 acres in Shelby County, Alabama, our facility is currently under construction and will be in production during spring of 2014.

We focus on growing fish and vegetables that are hormone, pesticide and chemical free. Over 90% of seafood in the United States is imported each year and consumers often have no idea where their food comes from or if it is even safe to eat. When buying our products, you are investing in food that is 100% local and treated with care to ensure premium quality and taste.

Inspired by Will Allen of Growing Power and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, Southern Organics is located in Shelby County, AL focused on creating sustainable, organic produce. Firmly rooted in our Christian beliefs, we endeavor to "do unto others" in every action and transaction.

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